Participatory photography for social change

Participatory photography for social change

Everyone has the right to speak out and be heard! And photographs are worth a 1000 words! Put the two together and Photovoice’s unique methodology helps the subjects of many photographs become the photographers of their own lives, and tell their own stories. Participants of these projects say they develop more self confidence, self-esteem, communication and other skills as well as an awareness of the power of visual language and storytelling through images.

As someone who is passionate about using photography to bring about social change, I have worked with refugees and asylum seekers and am currently exploring, and open to other opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.

Testimonials for Participatory Photography

“I really enjoyed working on Annie’s project, she really got what I was explaining about what it was to be a transvestite i.e. my thoughts feelings and experiences.” ~ Frazer, 2013

“Initially some of the students struggled with basic steps but within a very short space of time they had gone on to think about colour and lines and giving a real sense of purpose to their pictures. The group discussion around pictures has also developed with students confidently able to discuss style and are able to group pictures around a common theme.
Annie has also taken the several of the students on trips. Not only does this provide an escape for many of our service users – a chance to experience something a little bit different – it also gives them a better understanding of the area that they have come to, the language and the culture. All the students who attended the trips have come back full of enthusiasm – and with great pictures to show from it.” ~ English Language teacher, Oasis, Cardiff

“If you share your pain, it is halved. If you share your happiness, it is multiplied.” ~ Eritrean refugee after the first session when asked how the session was for him