Video and photography

Video and photography

Fragile Paradox: 3-screen video (8mins)

Co-editor: Andrea Williams

Exploring the relationship between the indigenous Atacameño communities of the Atacama desert in Chile and Lithium extraction by large companies, for rechargeable batteries.

Voices in the Land / Leisiau o’r Tir (3 videos: 5 mins)
A set of three videos which address some of the complex issues surrounding nuclear power, and the economic, social and cultural impact a large industrial complex like this can have on a remote part of Wales and its community.

Run! Run! Run! Biennale 2016: a set of three events exploring how running can be used as a creative and metaphorical strategy in art practice: London, Leeds, Cardiff, November 2016.

Video: Breath / Mind / Muscle (2014) An auto-ethnographic exploration of the experience of running – running the landscape and the landscape of the body.