Video and photography

Video and photography

Fragile Paradox: 3-screen video (8mins)

Co-editor: Andrea Williams

Exploring the relationship between the indigenous Atacameño communities of the Atacama desert in Chile and Lithium extraction by large companies, for rechargeable batteries.

Voices in the Land / Leisiau o’r Tir (3 videos: 5 mins)
A set of three videos which address some of the complex issues surrounding nuclear power, and the economic, social and cultural impact a large industrial complex like this can have on a remote part of Wales and its community.

Run! Run! Run! Biennale 2016: a set of three events exploring how running can be used as a creative and metaphorical strategy in art practice: London, Leeds, Cardiff, November 2016.

Video: Breath / Mind / Muscle (2014) An auto-ethnographic exploration of the experience of running – running the landscape and the landscape of the body.



What you say is left behind, 2018

A set of 13 square photographs of circles of petroglyphs and holes in the desert floor, arranged in the Atacameño’s ancestral symbol of ‘la cicana’ – the journey of life: birth, death and afterlife.

Message to the Charcoal Burners

Devon Arts Week: a series of photographs inspired by the charcoal burners of Devon who practised this ancient process until recently.


A series of photographs of the city’s anonymous and ambiguous places.

The ordinary is extraordinary

A series of images that aim to reveal the richness of what we tend to dismiss as we hurry through the city.

Poland 1 - Auschwitz

Informed by a quote by Primo Levi, this photographic book asks how can we photograph the ‘un-photographable’?

Poland 2 - First time

In unfamiliar lands, we seek out the familiar to feel secure. This text-based book records the first few minutes of a bus trip from the airport in Krakow.

Ophelia a contemporary story

Hamlet: I did love you once.
Ophelia: Indeed, my lord, you made me believe so.
Hamlet: You should not have believ'd me, for virtue cannot so inoculate our old stock but we shall relish of it. I lov'd you not.
Ophelia: I was the more deceiv'd.


A series of images tracing where the city ends.